Indialantic PTO strives to build community with our students, families, teachers and staff as well as supporting our school with additional financial and volunteer resources.
We host events throughout the year – some just for fun and some as fundraisers – and our volunteers can be found daily in classrooms and the front office.

Since you’re on this page we know you want to help; below are a few ideas and ways to reach us to get plugged in.

Donate! It’s for the kids! (Plus studies show giving makes you happy, so there’s that.)

Attend the next PTO meeting. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date and have input on upcoming initiatives.

Volunteer. Take the plunge and sign up to help for an hour or two at our next event. (We promise not to make you scrub toilets. Unless that’s your thing. Then scrub away.)

Volunteer. Nope, not a repeat. We just really think volunteering is awesome. (Help your student’s classroom teacher. Manage to keep the mess off you in the art room. Return books in the library. Make copies. Be awesome.)

Email us. People who email us are like unicorns. Be the unicorn.