Wave Hi as your teachers drive by on Thursday, March 26th!

On, Thursday, March 26th, the teachers and staff will be touring Indialantic in a convoy to say hi to our kids. This is not a school sponsored event but a teacher and staff led event. We are doing this to show our support for the students and their families and so we can see our kids. We will begin by rolling down DeLand Ave at 10am. Parade route below!

  1. Starting out West on Deland Ave. (enter from A1A)
  2. Right Palm Ave.
  3. Right Cocoa Ave.
  4. Left Orlando Blvd.
  5. Right Shannon Ave.
  6. Left 8th Ave.
  7. Right Ramona Ave.
  8. Left 7th Ave.
  9. Right Riverside Dr.
  10. Right 3rd Ave.
  11. Left Palm Ave.
  12. Left Seabreeze Dr.
  13. Right Ramona Ave.
  14. Right Oak Ridge Dr.
  15. Left Palm Ave.
  16. Left Franklyn Ave.
  17. Right Riverside Dr.
  18. Left South River Oaks Dr. (follow around)
  19. Left Riverside Dr.
  20. Right Riviera Blvd.
  21. Left Mosswood Blvd. (follow around)
  22. Right Riverside Dr.
  23. Right Pine Tree Dr.
  24. Right Sea Ave.
  25. Right Coconut Dr.
  26. Right Date Palm Ave.
  27. Left Abalone Ave.
  28. Left Pine Tree Dr.
  29. Right Riverside Dr.
  30. Right Rio Casa N. (Rio Villa) (Continue to the left to follow onto Rio Casa)
  31. Left Rio Bonita St.
  32. Right Rio Villa Blvd. (follow around)
  33. Left Rio Villa Blvd.
  34. Right Riverside Dr.
  35. Right Veracruz Blvd. (Rio Villa North) (Turn around at dead end)
  36. Right Riverside Dr.
  37. Right Falcon Dr. (The Sanctuary)
  38. Left Peregrine Dr.
  39. Right Sanderling Dr.
  40. Right Nightingale Dr.
  41. Left Mallard Ln.
  42. Left Peregrine Dr. (stay to the left, follow around the loop, leave out the main gate) 
  43. Right Riverside Dr.
  44. Right Sand Pine Rd. (follow around to Sand Dollar)
  45. Right Hyten Pl.
  46. Left Coral Way
  47. Right Riverside Dr.
  48. Right Oceanside Blvd.
  49. (round-a-bout) Right Oceanside Blvd.
  50. Exit out at A1A (end of parade route) YAY!